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What Is Cosplay

What is cosplay??

Why do all my nerd friends do this???

Are they normal????

Are they weird? Is this ok? Why do people do this?

So many burning questions and you want to know the answers.

Well cosplay is when a person dresses up as a character from movies, anime, books, manga’s, video games, tv series and other sources. Cosplay is a word that means costume play and a lot of people not only wear the characters outfits but their shoes, hair style or even contacts to try and recreate the characters. They also can take on specific characteristics of that character, such as the way they talk or act. In a sense they role play as the character or become that character.

Any entity that lends itself to dramatic interpretation may be taken up as a subject for cosplayers and it is not unusual for people to gender bend the identity of the character.

Making sailor moon a guy or joker a girl.

People who cosplay can either choose to make their costume by hand or buy it already premade. When you buy it premade your either buying it from a costume store or cosplay store. Another option to buying your cosplay is commissioning it from another cosplayer. Most of this is done online though as most of these places do not have a physical store location.

Now if you choose to make your cosplay by hand there are so many skills that you will learn along the way. You can learn skills like foam working, sculpting, molding, 3D printing and 3D modeling, fabric work beginner all the way to advanced, modeling skills, camera skills, photoshop, lighting, makeup skills, wig cutting and styling, and so many other skills the list honestly goes on and on.

But why do people do this? Well it can create a place belonging, self-expression, knowledge, gaining skills and having a community. But no matter why someone cosplay it is perfectly normal and can teach you a lot of things along the way.

So, to answer your burning questions. No, your nerd friends are not weird, yes this is perfectly normal and ok for any person to do.

I hope I answered all your burning questions on what cosplay is and why people do it. If you enjoyed this read, please consider sharing it with your friends. As well as do not forget to check me out on all my other blogs.

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